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For the WildhornFans message boards, visit boards.WildhornFans.net

For other Frank Wildhorn fan communities online, see the list below.

PLEASE NOTE: Each community listed here may be under different management and have different rules than the others. If you have any issues with a specific community, check for the rules and moderator contact information for that particular community at its website. Thank you.

"Jekkies" - fans of Jekyll & Hyde:

Mailing list: JHFans at YahooGroups

Message board: boards.WildhornFans.net

"The League" - fans of The Scarlet Pimpernel:

Mailing list: SPFans at YahooGroups

Message board: boards.WildhornFans.net

Official website: ThePimpernel.com

"The Order" - fans of Dracula, The Musical:

Mailing list: DraculaMusical at YahooGroups

Message boards: Dark Musical Forums and boards.WildhornFans.net

Chat room: Dark Musical Chat

Other Frank Wildhorn projects and links:

Mailing list: WildOnes at YahooGroups - for discussion of Frank's work

Official website: FrankWildhorn.com

Unofficial website: Someone Like Frank